about Me

In my work I move my perspective from portraits to abstractionism, from timeless and empty landscapes to the exploration of the human relationships beyond rational thought.

I base my projects on what I live and what I feel, developing and exploring themes as philosophy and the complex psychology of the human being with my passion for the fine art and a personal overwhelming feeling of solitude; starting often asking myself “When did this world starts disappointing you?

Using the camera as an extension of my body to document the daily life and encounters, my eyes often gazed at something I’m not being seen yet, creating a pause for a moment that can reshape the time I’m living.

Driven by a nostalgic for the past mixed with an anxiety view of the future, my aim is to go beyond a real physical space, to create a fictional state defined by metaphysical (or better again -abstract-) borders.

With my photography I blur the lines between real and imaginary, using and combining these two elements to create and depict my own perception of my surroundings, a place where materiality and truth of our time is abandoned.


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